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Universal Areosol System

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Universal Areosol System

Model #NE902C comes with everything needed for immediate use.
Components included are shown in the following table.

Model #NE902C Components

Patented Aerosol Unit:

Closed-system with breath enhancement for rapid application delivery and safety.
Solution Cup:

Holds 3mL of solution for standard application amount. Solution dropper included.

Collects bacteria, solution droplets, and other contaminants expelled during exhalation to protect the environment, use, and caregiver from unintended exposure.
Air-Cushioned Nasal Mask:

Seals comfortably over nose for efficient application and more reliable results.

Contoured shape for comfortable fit.
NasaPrep™ Nasal Atomizer:

Syringe with detachable cushioned atomizer tip for comfortable application. Replacement NasaPrep™ syringe and atomizer tips sold separately.
Air Compressor:

High-flow air compressor (6-8mL) designed to produce optimal results with the N Elite™. 7 ft. compressor tube included


The patented N2 Elite™ Universal Aerosol System is our most versatile aerosol system, designed for either intra-nasal or lung applications. Product features include:
N2 Elite™ aerosol unit with mouthpieceN2 Elite™ aerosol unit with air-cushioned nasal mask
TOP QUALITY: The N2 Elite™ was originally designed for hospital use, but has been specifically adapted to natural, alternative, and complimentary health applications.
RAPID DELIVERY: Breath-enhanced aerosol unit for rapid delivery. NasaPrep™ nasal atomizer included with N2 Elite™ aerosol system to enhance intra-nasal applications.
CLEAN: Closed-system technology and a filter protect the product user, caregiver, and the environment from unintended exposure to exhaled contaminants.
REDUCED SIDE EFFECTS: Direct delivery of aerosol applications reduces side effects, compared to oral applications.
VERSATILE: Air-cushioned nasal mask and mouthpiece for lung or intra-nasal applications.
CONVENIENT: Easy at-home use to reduce the frequency of visits to wellness professional.
REUSABLE: Simple to disassemble and wash for next use.
COMPLETE: Available in a ready-to-use kit for at home or in the office.
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